It's been a weird week in the world of Netflix — and no, we're not talking about the strange mass hype of the God-awful movie Bird Box. It's also not about the controversy Netflix has seen recently about sharing their streaming metrics with filmmakers, nor is it about the streaming service's censorship cooperation with the Saudi government. And no, it's not about fucking Bird Box memes. And though the Bird Box memes aren't the center of this story, Bird Box still managed to place itself right in the center of it. 


This week the #BirdboxChallenge became a trending topic on Twitter where fans of the film videotape themselves doing things blindfolded. However, as The Washington Post reported, the #BirdBoxChallenge wasn't exactly viral until Netflix tweeted about it. And you better believe that once Netflix posted that tweet, shit hit the fan. It's been reported that videos have been posted of parents blindfolding their toddlers and watching them walk into walls or drive their toy cars just to inevitably crash. But primarily, the #BirdBoxChallenge has featured videos of people walking around aimlessly while blindfolded running into things, or allegedly falling down the stairs to subway entrances. Ironically, all of this is occurring not long after South Park's "Buddha Box" episode which compared people being distracted by their phones to wearing a cardboard box over your head. 

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In another realm of Netflix, fans of Daredevil haven't been able to let the show go, as the streaming service continues to kill off many of its Marvel shows. It's been revealed that a petition is now circulating to bring the show back which, at the time of publishing this, is about to hit 100,000 signatures of its 150,000-signature goal. But it isn't just fans trying to reincarnate the series — Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays Wilson Fisk in Daredevil has shared the poll himself along with his support. However, the only series Netflix has brought back to life after canceling it is Sense8 which was only given a movie to follow up the show's two seasons, making the reincarnation of Daredevil unlikely — at least by Netflix. 


In more somber Netflix news, actor Will Poutler (We're The Millers, The Maze Runner) who played a bleach-blonde video game designer in the Black Mirror film, has announced he's deleting his Twitter to work on his mental health. This announcement comes after he received some Bandersnatch backlash on the social media platform including insults to the actor's image and the usual trolling that comes with trending topics. Poutler's Bandersnatch co-star Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) doesn't have a personal Twitter account leaving Poutler in the spotlight for this cyberbullying. The actor also announced he's taking this time to work on an anti-bullying campaign amongst other charitable causes. 

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