303 Music is back. Volume 2 of the annual vinyl-only Colorado compilation album comes out on March 3 — 303 Day 2019. Last year the album featured GRiZ, Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, Trev Rich and many more. This year's edition sports tracks from the likes of The Motet, Tennis, DeVotchKa, Kit Astronaut, iZCALLi and then some.


The album is a collaboration with Vinyl Me, Please — a national record club with over 30,000 members nationwide that's headquartered in Colorado. 303 Music also benefits Youth on Record by donating 80 percent of the profits. Colorado's Youth on Record is a non-profit dedicated to providing music education and more to over 1,000 underserved youth in the greater Denver area. 

303 Music Vol. 1. Photo: Kyle Cooper.

303 Music Vol. 2's artwork was hand-painted by Denver muralist and artist Anna Charney. She took inspiration from Volume 1 which was done by John Vogl who used colors inspired by Colorado. Volume 1 featured a photo booklet and Volume 2 went in a different direction by excluding the booklet this time around and, instead, printing a gatefold jacket (an album jacket that opens up). 


The album is available on presale now for $22 here with or without a Vinyl Me, Please subscription. A discounted bundle for Volume 1 and Volume 2 is also available for $44. The bundle contains the very few remaining editions of Volume 1. Both copies include cards with download codes for a free Youth on Record album as an added bonus.


303 Music Vol. 2 Track List:

  1. “Empty Vessels” – DeVotchKa

  2. “Molecule” – Motion Trap

  3. “Pretty Head (ft. Bella Musser)” – Covex

  4. “Still in Love” – Nightlove

  5. “In the Morning I’ll Be Better” – Tennis

  6. “Grow Again” Live from the Ubisububi Room – The Still Tide

  7. “Trapper Keeper” – Pries

  8. “Optimistic (ft. 2mx2) – Kid Astronaut

  9. “Opia” – ATOMGA

  10. “Death or Devotion” – The Motet

  11. “Aint Your Mama” – Mama Magnolia

  12. “Silverspoon” – iZCALLi